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About JES

JES is an urban laboratory developing innovative projects for children and youth in Belgium. We are located in three cities: Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. Our target group of young people are typically between the age of 6 and 35. Many of these young people also come from a migrant background and have limited formal education. We work together with a diverse range of partners nationally and internationally.

What we do

JES projects are situated on various domains such as
  • Youth work & leisure time including sports and adventure, parks and public space, art, music, multimedia, training of volunteers, leadership programs…
  • Education & employment: coaching of young people who have difficulties in finding a job, education programs…
  • Welfare including community outreach.

  • How we do it

  • We encourage young people to discover their talents and broaden their horizons.
  • We keep our finger on the pulse of urban communities to translate challenges into innovations.
  • We break down the walls between youth work, leisure time, education, employment and welfare to create an integrated approach.
  • We put young people behind the wheel to determine their own path with our support.

  • Our projects

    The JES community of youth and staff are involved a wide range of projects. You can learn about some of our projects by exploring the following links:

  • Youth Leadership Program: The JES Youth Leadership Course empowers youth to engage with their city as volunteers and youth workers. This experiential course provides training and education to youth so they can organize activities in their communities. The course also helps with their own personal growth and development. Youth who participate in this program go on to volunteer with JES and a range of other youth-serving organizations in Belgium. The ABC News recently featured Nabil, one of the volunteers who organizes a talent show for the youth of Molenbeek (Brussels).

  • BEAM Multimedia Lab in Brussels: We organize multimedia workshops and programs for children and youth. One of our projects is digital stories. We also developped Lomap, the first interactive smartphone application in Flemish youthwork.

  • SHOOT!: Together with our partner Kras Jeugdwerk, we organize a annual soccer tournament in Antwerp which brings together the whole community.

  • Youth work introduction course with refugees in Ghent

  • Jamil Jivani, professor at the The York Law University of Toronto, wrote an article about our projects in Molenbeek, Brussels.

  • Urban Renewal and Youth Participation Project in Thurn & Taxi, Brussels

  • Kuregem is one of the infamous neighborhoods in Brussels. Our street worker Brahim works there and created a football club, to offer young people a place to release their energy within a structured framework.

  • Read our interview with the Social Innovation Community about our approach to innovation.

  • Youth Competence Centres in Antwerp: In the city of Antwerp there are multiple Youth Competence Centres . Those are accessible centres for young people that provide integrated activities regarding leisure time, competence development, education and work.

    More about JES

    If you would like to learn more about JES you can read about our principles and our approach to innovation.
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