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Do we need a membership card to be able to stay in De Waterman?
No, De Waterman is not a youth hostel, so we do not accommodate individuals. De Waterman is accessible for groups who don't need to have a membership card.

Can we park our car on your promenade?
Unfortunately not, because of safety reasons. The promenade can only be used to load and unload the cars. When finished, the car must be moved to a legal parking space.

What is the check-in time and until what time can we get a guided tour at De Waterman?
During the week, the check-in time is till 5:30 pm, unless differently agreed in advance. We ask the speculators of groups who arrive on a Friday or who have booked for the weekend to come and get their key on Friday, at 5 pm at last. At that moment, you also get a short, practical guided tour (about 30 minutes).

At arrival, can we immediately go to our bedrooms?
The rooms are accessible as from 4:30 pm. If you wish to use another space during the day (meeting room, kitchen,...) you have to arrange this with the De Waterman managers in advance. The check-out time is 10:00 am.

What is the closing time?
None, with the code that you get at your arrival, you can enter De Waterman day and night.

Do we need to bring sheets and towels?
We advise you to bring your own towels. If you don't have/bring a sleeping bag or sheets, you have to rent a sheet set for the price of 5,00 euro. We have only kitchen towels that you can use for free.

Can we bring our own beverage?
Coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk, wine and liquors are for your own account. Soft drinks and several beers are provided by De Waterman. You can ask and get a price list for these products in advance.

Do we need to cook ourselves?
In the weekends you have to cook and serve your own meals. During the week, you can choose what you want concerning catering. You can ask for breakfast and a warm meal or prepare them yourself. You do have to do your own dishes at all time.

Do we have access to the Internet?
WIFI is at your disposal for free, but there is a maximum download-capacity of 250 MB per group per week.

Do we have access to multimedia accessories?
You can rent the next audio-visual equipment:
  • monitor and DVD/video recorder

  • overhead projector

  • stereo

  • combibox-amplifier (CD and cassette)

  • beamer + PC + projection screen

  • flipcharts and a professional kitchen robot are free for your use.

    Is there a playground?
    Unfortunately, we are situated in a very urban area, where we cannot have access to a green zone. Our promenade is also too small to romp in. But we do have big rooms that you can use to play quiet indoor games. You can also use our adventurous infrastructure (BROCK).

    Is there a first aid?
    We have first aid at a very restricted degree. We advice the speculator to bring their own first aid kit. At your arrival, we offer you a list with phone numbers of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies,...

    Can we be reached by phone?
    You can contact De Waterman during the week days between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm (not in the weekends). The number is +32 (0)2/ 411 68 83

    Do we have to clean the rooms and spaces we have used at the end of our stay?
    Yes! Unless you warn us in advance that you will not be able to. Of course you then have to pay a cleaning fee (the prices are indicated on the price list, next to the prices for the bedrooms and other available spaces that you can rent. You can order this list in advance).
    De Waterman Accommodation and Activity Centre for youth groups in Brussels