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De Waterman has 3 large multi-purpose halls and 4 smaller rooms. Two of the three multi-purpose rooms can be used as dining room, with the option of renting a separate kitchen to make your own dinner.

Balcony room

The Balcony room is a former storage room that has been converted into a rustic multi-purpose space that consists of 2 floors. There is a bar with refrigerators for drinks on the ground floor. There is a smaller room on the Balcony, "the Bokal", that can be used as a classroom or a meeting room.

Distillerie, Zenne and Kanaal

On the third floor of the youth accommodation centre, you will find the "Distillerie", a second multi-purpose space which can be used as dining room, but also as a formation or meeting room. There are 2 smaller rooms adjacent to the large room. These must be rented separately.


The Pilaar is a multifunctional room with a stage. The room can be completely darkened and lends itself perfectly for shows of all types or for a small reception. The room is also available to our guests upon request.

In addition to the three large rooms, we also have 4 smaller rooms in our accommodation centre.

102 - 1st floor - meeting room for 8 persons
202 - 2nd floor - meeting room for 10 persons
Kanal - 3rd floor - room for 30 persons with fixed projector and screen
Zenne - 3rd floor - room for 20 persons

The different rooms can be combined based on availability and need.


The centre has 2 fully equipped kitchens.
De Waterman Accommodation and Activity Centre for youth groups in Brussels