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As a guest of De Waterman, you can use the range of other projects of JES Stadslabo, of which De Waterman is part. As a city laboratory, we organise numerous custom activities for groups: group dynamic challenges, music and multimedia workshops, city exploration, formation...
The focus is primarily on meeting, experimenting and pushing boundaries.

Group Dynamics (14+)

Our offered adventures can be effortlessly combined with plenty of group dynamic exercises. We give your group a number of assignments that are seemingly impossible and need to be completed successfully. Perfect to improve the group spirit, but also to learn how a group functions, how communication takes place and what role each participant adopts.

Urban Trophy (14+)

The city becomes one big playground on a mountain bike. We explore the alternative city along unknown places in Brussels. Your group will face plenty of encounters: climbing buildings, group exercises, exciting competitions, descending stairs by bike.... Are you up for a challenge? Stamina is not enough, you will need to have a taste for adventure.


You don't need to leave the city for adventurous sports, we would love to lead the way. We offer a range of adventurous group activities.

Indoor: Young groups can be introduced to sports climbing and climbing techniques in our Brock Hall.

Outdoor (+14): You can climb the Buitenbrock in the courtyard. A 12-meter high construction of steel and concrete emphasises that you are in a major city in which there is a lot to experience. This is proven by the Via Ferrata an obstacle course with walking bridges, rope ladders, hanging and commando bridges, balance beams...


Take a dive in the multimedia pond with BEAM, the JES multimedia lab. We organise all kinds of interactive workshops for groups (children and youth). We base this on the world of young people and focus on experiences. No boring theory, but experimenting, testing and learning.

We like to face new challenges. Do you want a combination of activities? Or do you have another crazy idea (with which we can help?) we can help you with? Contact us HERE.

More information about our activities can be found on
De Waterman Accommodation and Activity Centre for youth groups in Brussels